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Tadoba National Park


tadoba national park India Situated in the core of a reserved forest and spread in the area of 1727 sq. km, Tadoba National Park lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra (India). It is one of the largest and oldest national parks, which has endless treasure trove of large number of species of trees & plants and wildlife. It was declared as National Park in the year of 1955. Total area of the park is 116.55 Km2. The park was declared a Project Tiger reserve in 1995 and considered as the oldest tiger reserve in Maharashtra. It is one of the best tiger reserves of India as tiger population has increased rapidly. Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife sanctuary together form the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The word 'Tadoba' is the name of the God "Tadoba" or "Taru", praised by the tribal people who live in the dense forests of the Tadoba and Andhari region, whereas "Andhari" is derived from name of Andhari River that flows in this area. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve covers the Chimur Hills, and the Andhari sanctuary covers Moharli and Kolsa ranges. It's bounded on the northern and the western side by densely forested hills. Thick forests with smooth meadows and deep valleys, Cliffs, Talus and Caves provide refuge to the animals. Two forested rectangles are formed by Tadoba and Andhari range. The south part of the park is less hilly.


There is a great history behind the name of Tadoba National Park. Tadoba National Park lies in the district of Chandrapur in the part of the Maharashtra, in the heart of reserved forests. Gond King was the ruler of Chandrapur actually they ruled over most of the Central India. Raja Khandkhya Ballal Shah was the founder of the Chandrapur and the Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a part of the Chandrapur District, it is also a famous tourist's attraction which attracts a large number of tourists and it is also from one of India's 50 Project Tiger. The name of the National Park Tadoba gets its name upon the name of the God "Tadoba" or "Taru" which are worshipped by the tribal people of the forests of the Tadoba and Andhari region. According to popular legend, the village chief died while valiantly confronting the tiger. His courage is eulogized to this day to the extent that he is worshipped by the locals as the deity 'Tadoba'. The National Park too has been named after him as the Tadoba National Park. Temple of Taru is situated on the banks of the Tadoba Lake and also sees a big huge tree over here. The temple is frequented by Adivasis, especially during the fair held every year in the Hindu month of Pausa, between December and January. Andhari River that flows in the forest gives the name Andhari.

Earlier, the kings of Gond ruled this forest in the vicinage of the Chimur hills. During 1935, hunting was totally restricted, but later in the year 1955; the area of 116.54 sq. km (45.00 sq mi) was acknowledged as The National Park. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was made on the next forests in 1986 and later in the year 1995, the park & the sanctuary were combined together to form the present India's 41 "Project Tiger"-Tiger Reserves.

The Tadoba National Park is divided into three separate forest ranges, i.e. Tadoba north range, Kolsa south range, and Morhurli range, which is sandwiched in between the first two. There are two lakes and one river in the park, which gets filled every monsoon, the 'Tadoba Lake', 'Kolsa Lake', and 'Andhari River'. These lakes and rivers provide vital ingredients needed to sustain the park's life.


Let us check about Flora of Tadoba national park. This forest is a predominantly Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous forest with dense woodlands comprising about 87 per cent of the protected area. The most popular species of trees is Teak and bamboo in this forest. Other common trees include:
Sal Bamboo Bel Casia
Black Plum Ain (Crocodile Bark) Flame of Forest Salai
Dhaudab Terminenalia Hiwar Margosa Sirus
Tendu Beheda Shisham Chichwa


Tadoba tiger reserve is rich in faunal species. It is already popular among visitors for good tiger sighting. Apart from tiger, fauna in Tadoba national park includes:
Tiger Indian Gaur Leopard Spotted Deer
Sloth Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Indian Mouse Deer Wild Boar
Flying Squirrel Four Horned Antelope Jungle Cat Small Indian Civet
Wild Dog (Dhole) Hyena Jackal Sambar
Apart from above listed mammal species, their are many more species that can be seen during jungle safari drives.


Tadoba tiger reserve safari offers good birding also. Here we can find approx. 195 bird species. While undertaking Tadoba jungle safari, we will find presence of large lakes in which water remain available, throughout the year which is ideal condition for bird species to survive successfully. Some of the popular birding areas in Tadoba National Park includes Panchdhara, Tadoba Lake, Panchdhara, Kolsa Tank, Telia Dam etc. Here is the list of popular birds in Tadoba national park:
Little Brebe Great Crested Grebe Little Cormorant
Darter Little Egret Indian Oriole
Plum Headed Parakeet Rose Ringed Parakeet Red Vented Bulbul
Green Bee-eater Black Drongo Grey Heron
Cattle Eagret Asian Openbill Stork White Necked Stork
Oriental White Ibis Black Ibis Cotton Teal
Comb Duck Red Crested Pochard Black Kite
Egyptian Vulture Changeable Hawk Eagle Indian Peafowl


Tadoba National Park is enclosed by some beautiful places and temples like Tadoba Lake, Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, Shiv Mandir, and Urjanagar Lake. Visit the oldest national park of Madhya Pradesh and get an opportunity to view the striped creature at Tadoba National Park. Other than this, Nagpur is very close from the park that is also known as 'Tiger Capital of India' as it is linked with many tiger reserves in India. There are much more attraction in Tadoba apart of wildlife like Tadoba lake, Tadoba Museum, Panchdhara Waterhole, Vasant Bhandara Waterhole, St. Michael Church, Ayyappa temple, Jain temple, Urjanagar lake etc. Although these places are surrounding to Tadoba but tourists rarely goes their because safari is the important activity to do and these places are not of so worth.


Taboda is easily accessible from Nagpur city. Their are different entrance gates of Tadoba national park at different distances. Its Mohurli gate is very popular among visitor, which is just 180kms/04:00hrs drive from Nagpur city which is very well connected with all major metro cities of India along with direct flight from other countries also. Generally it is linked with tour itineraries of Kanha National Park, Pench & Satpura National Parks.

By Flight

Its nearest and best airport option is Nagpur Airport which is just 180 kms from Moharli gate and 150 kms from Kolara gate and Navegaon gate. Further journey from Nagpur airport to Tadoba national park is possible by tourist cabs. We operate tourist taxi booking service for such visits.

By Train

Its nearest railway station is Chandrapur station at a distance of 30 kms from Mohurli gate. It is very suitable station to reach nearest point for reaching Tadoba national park. Further journey is possible by cab. If you don't find train for Chandrapur station then consider Nagpur railway station as next best option.

By Road

Road connectivity of Tadoba tiger reserve is good, from its nearby towns, cities and tourist destinations. One can easily travel, by road, from nearby places like Chimur, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Pench national park, Kanha national park, Satpura national park etc.


Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is managed just like other tiger reserves of India. Here also we can find the tiger reserve divided in core-buffer zones. Earlier, jungle safaris were offered in core zones only but due to increase in tourists arrival, Maharashtra Forest Department opened buffer zone also for jungle safaris. Here popular safari zones are Mohurli zone, Kuthwanda zone, Kolara zone, Navegaon zone etc. Here separate gate is provided for each safari zone and they are too far from each other due to which multiple safari zones can't be visited while staying at one hotel. While doing safari ticket booking, we should consider this fact into mind. Here jungle safaris are carried out in open gypsy with maximum limit of 06 tourists per vehicle and open canter (open bus) is also offered with limit of minimum number of visitors. All the safari tickets are booked online and their is no provision of current or counter ticket due to which tourists with confirmed tickets, can only visit Tadoba national park. In case of any absenteeism, waiting tourist may be allowed. Here camera fee is charged separately and safari ticket rate varies in Saturday & Sunday. It gets just doubled on Saturdays & Sundays.


The Tadoba National Park remains open for 365 day of Year, but the ideal time and season for visiting the park is November to mid March. It has been seen that most of the Indian tourists prefers to visit park as per their festival holidays or children school holidays due to which their presence in better in period of October -December and April - June. The best time to spot tigers at Tadoba is during March to May. Other than tigers, other wildlife can be easily spotted all around the year and winters (December to February) are particularly favorite months for wildlife safaris.


For accommodation in Tadoba National Park, Resorts and hotels are available in all entrance gates but again close to Moharli entrance gate, one can have much more options for different budget category visitors. On the other hand private professional resorts & lodges of all budget categories (Luxury, Standard & Budget) are available at Mohruli gate. Here some of the popular resorts and safari lodges are Irai resort, Tadoba Jungle Villa, Pugmark resort, Serai tiger camp, MTDC Mohurli Resort, Svasara resort, Mahua Resort Tadoba, Tiger Heaven, Tadoba Tiger King resort, Jharna Jungle Lodge etc. They are located in different gates and offering good accommodation facility.


Tadoba national park has many tourist destinations close to it. Most of the Maharashtra Tourist Destination can be explore after Tadoba such as Nagpur, Chandrapur Akola etc apart of it one can visit other places in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Some similar places are also near the Tadoba National Park as Kanha National Park (380 kms), Satpura National Park (400 kms), Pench National Park (290 kms), Nagzira tiger reserve (300 kms), Pachmarhi (380 kms) etc.

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