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Panna National Park

panna national park india Panna National Park : A range of flat - topped hills rise above the east bank of the ken river, 40 kilometers from khajuraho on the Bamitha to Panna road. This area is protected as the Panna National Park and boasts of the last vestiges of the glorious teak forest that once covered so much of the region. The teak forests are magnificent just after the monsoons, an in autumn when great pyramids of teak flower perfume the atmosphere. In summer the giant teak leaves wither into lacy skeltons and fall, covering the earth with a carpet of many hues. The park is open from October to June, remianing closed through the monsoons in an affort to protect its wildlife.
The park is spread over 546 square kilometers with picturesque gorges, waterfalls and thick teak forests. Only petrol-driven jeeps are permitted within its confines, and an early morning guided tour, if lucky, you may see the graceful spotted deer or chital, black buck, the Indian gazelle, a herd of wild boar, even tiger and panther roam these lovely forests. In addition it one can see Elephant Vatsala in Panna forest who is most aged elephant in World and about 07 species of vultures.
Places to see near Panna National Park : Khajuraho , Raneh Fall, Pandav Fall Etc.

Tigers in Panna National Park
Panna National Park was in news since many years due to lost of all tigers because of poaching and other reasons. But Tigers are now back in Panna National Park and tiger cubs can be seen in playing in Panna forest to justify the title called "Panna Tiger Reserve". Due to translocation of 2 Female Tigress from Kanha & Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserves and 1 Male Tiger from Pench Tiger Reserve, Panna forest is again witnessing the tiger calls in forest. Both the tigress have cubs and forest become cubs playground. It will help Panna National Park to recover from tourism loss and will give reasons to wildlife lovers to visit Panna Tiger Reserve again.

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