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Corbett National Park

corbett national park

Location: Ramnagar in the state of Uttaranchal

Main Attractions: Leopards, tigers and crocodiles

Best time to visit : From June to September is the best time to visit. It is open throughout the year but preferably in monsoon when wildlife is plenty and forest is green.

One of the main features of the park is the sparkling Ramganga River, offering tours and fishing expeditions and camps. Along the River Kosi, good anglers are in with a chance of landing the legendary Mahseer, a redoubtable battling River Carp. Jeep safari trips and elephant rides can be organised within the park.

Rivers of Corbett include The Ramganga - the largest of the precious few perennial sources of water in the Park. It is inhabited by key aquatic species like mahseer fish, the endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles, otters and turtles. The Kosi - a perennial river. It is notorious for its unpredictable and damaging torrents during monsoon.

The Sonanadi - is an important tributary of the Ramganga. The name Sonanadi means river of gold. At one time grains of gold, found in the alluvial deposits washed down from the higher areas.

The Mandal and Palain - the Mandal rises in the eastern heights in Talla Salan in Chamoli district. It forms a vital breeding ground for the endangered mahseer. The Palain is the third important tributary of the Ramganga and enters the Park from a northern direction. It meets the Ramganga about 3 km north of the Ramganga reservoir.

Within 300 kms at north-east of Delhi, in the lap of Himalayan foothills, lies Corbett National Park. It lies in Pauri Garhwal, Bijnore and Nainital districts of Uttaranchal State of India. Aptly called  “The land of Roar and Trumpet”, flowing cryatal clear blue water, streams and sal- dappled glades, was christened after the famous hunter turned conservationist Colonel Jim Corbett. It was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park and later in 1954-55 renamed as Ramganga National Park and further in 1956, in order to recognize the efforts of Jim Corbett in its establishment and wildlife conservation, it is renamed as Corbett national park. It is a magical land of Tigers,  leopards and elephant country. This tiger reserve is counted as one of the best managed national park with high tiger density. The sparkling river Ramganga is the life-line of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Because of its rich bio-geographic diversity, park is a natural heaven for flora and fauna of the plains, the sub mountainous region and high altitude areas. Corbett National Park is home of 110 species of tree, 51 species of shrubs, 27 species of climbers, 37 species of grasses and bamboos, over 50 species of mammals, 500 type of birds and 25 species of reptiles.

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