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Tigers in Kanha Tiger Reserve


Tigers in Kanha National Park Kanha tiger reserve is counted among popular tiger reserves of India. Its popularity can be understood from the fact that whenever we prepare tour plan for tiger sighting or tiger photography tours in India, we must include Kanha national park as an essential part of our tour itinerary. Here four safari zones (core zones) are very popular among tourists i.e. Kanha zone, Kisli zone, Mukki zone and Sarhi zone. They all are core zones of Kanha national park where majority of tourists undertakes safari drives. Apart from these four safari zones, Kanha park management has also opened buffer safari zones like Khatia zone, Khapa zone, Phen safari zone, Sijhora zone. Here it is important to understand the fact their is no physical boundary in between these safari zones and animals also are not aware of any safari zone thus their movement is not restricted as safari zone so tiger sighting can happen at any safari zone. It is only the matter of probability according to which we declare any safari zone better than other. Lets check some of the popular Kanha national park safari zones and prominently seen tigers in these zones. As we know that fact that tiger is a territorial animal thus given list is as per their current territorial boundaries and it may change with the passage of time.

Kanha Tigers

All four core zones of Kanha national park are now well explored by tourists and safari guides due to which we can enlist some of the prominently seen tigers and tigresses in different safari zones. Here we have tried to make such list so that we can have a rough idea about which tiger is found in which safari zone. This is the position as per current status. Their territories may get changed with passage of time and some new names may emerge and some existing names may be declared dead. In below given table, you will notice that some of the tiger/tigress name is mentioned in two different safari zones, this is because their territory lies in area falling under two different safari zones. Their sighting may occur in different zones as they don't make territory as per rule of forest department.
Bajrang T64(Male) Neelam- T65 (Female) Naina T76(Female)
Balwan (Male) Charger (Male) --
7 Number (Female) Mundi Dadar Female-T8 Parastola Female -T13
Sandukhol (Female) Rajakachhar Female Karai Ghati/Dabang Male T2
Chimta Female T34 Banno Female T22 Kopedabri Tiger
Chota Munna (Male, missing) Choti Mada (Female) Badi Mada (Female)
Mahaveer Female Umarjhola Female T32 Dhawajhandi Female (DJ)
Dhamangaon Male T67 Sangam Male T56 T-11 New Male
Mundi Dadar Female-T8 Parastola Female- T13 Ronda Male T4
Banno Female T22 -- --
Old Munna Tiger-T17 (Shifted to Bhopal) -- --

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