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Important areas inside Kanha National Park

Dasharatha Machan

While you are near the shravan tal, you can see opposite to it the mountain like structure called as shravan machan. As the Indian mythology says that from this point the doomed arrow to dutiful son Shravan Kumar. The Hill on which the machan existed is known as Macha Dongar. King Dasharatha used that machan as a hideout for hunting. The Machan is buit at a height on the trees, where they wait patiently for animals to pass by. It seems like an easy hunting technique, but it is not.

Road No-7

It is located in Kisli zone and counted as popular site for tiger sighting. While searching for tiger, during jungle safari, guide must explore this point. Here Naag Bahera pond is also located in which we may find tiger or cubs in summers. It is close to reach from Khatia entrance gate.

Bamni Dadar

Bamni dadar is one of the highest plateaux in the tiger reserve and offers an enchanting view of the vastness and beauty of the forests. The Britishers use to take a ride by their aircraft to view the beauty of the park. There is still place in Bamni dadar from where the aircraft takes off. It is highly recommended to visit Bambni dadar while Kanha jungle safari but now a days, this point is closed for visitors. It is also known as the sunset point of Kanha. Most tourist use to visit Bamni dadar to experience the awe-inspiring view of sun set during the winding up of their evening park safari. Bamhani dadar offers spectacular views of western part of the national park. It is the highest point in Kanha. Here you will barking deer, spotted deer and Indian bison.

Sonf Meadows

Sonf village was the first one to be moved out from Park area for making spreading the tiger reserve in Kanha. As the people being moved away from the reserve, within few years few barasingha descended here and they began to breed successfully. The thick and extensive cover of tall grasses protected the barasingha fawns from predators. Similar to Sonf, there are few other meadows also where the earlier villages were there.

Kanha Meadows

The Kanha Meadows is one of the most popular visit place in Kanha. As many times tourist have spotted the tiger hunting its prey. In Large meadows you can witness the herbivores, and therefore carnivores are also there.

Shravan Tal

There is a small water pond in the reserve which is popularly known as sharan tal. As per the belief of local villagers, that it was named because of the history that the dutiful son shravan Kumar came here to fetch water to his blind Parents. Kings Dasharatha (father of Shri Rama) has mistakenly shooted shravan Kumar with his bows arrows as they thought there is a wild animal drinking water from the pond.

Shravan Chita

Shravan Chita is the so called place where the dutiful son shravan Kumar, was cremated. It was a mythological belief that the King Dasharatha, who was on a hunting expedition happen to be near to the spot where shravan Kumar went to fetch water for his blind parents. The spot is at a centre of the park when you enter from Kisli gate and moves towards Kanha. Large number of herbivores and carnivores animals and birds use to come here as the water availability in this pond is throughout the year.

Lapsi Kabar

This place is around 04 km from Kanha. It was a real fact that a guide cum naturalist had a face to face encounter with the king of the Jungle. The guide cum naturalist was accompanying the guest during the jungle safari. He fought bravely with the tiger but in the end paid with his life. The gravestone is the memorial for his courage.

Kanha Museum

Kanha Museum is located near the entrance of Kisli Gate. The Kanha museum is established and maintain by the forest department of Madhya Pradesh. Here you can find the skeletons of reptiles, carnivores and herbivores. The museum is opened through out the day for the visitors.

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