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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Single Seat Safari


As the name suggests, Single seat safari means tourists have the facility to book safari permits on per seat basis. It is one of the best way to manage over demand of jungle safari demand by tourists. It is the best way to manage demand with limited safari tickets compulsion. Single seat permit is also one of the best way to fight against ticket black marketing and do justice with genuine visitors. Kanha Safari Booking


Single seat safari booking option is available only for core zones. It means, their is no provision for single seat safari for buffer zones. Here core zones are Kanha zone, Mukki zone, Kisli zone and Sarhi zone. We can do single seat safari for these core zones only. Online safari seat booking will ensure your entry for jungle safari. In addition to online safari ticket fee, guest is required to pay for their share on sum total of safari vehicle fee and guide fee. This fee is paid to the official person, just before going for safari, at entrance gate. Here safari jeep will not come for pick up or drop at hotel. Guest is required to reach entrance gate by own arrangement.
Kanha Zone Kisli Zone Sarhi Zone Mukki Zone
Kanha Meadows Digdola Jamuntola Bishanpura

Single seat safari booking is possible by using online safari booking option.

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