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Kanha National Park Safari

Sijora Zone Safari


Kanha Safari Booking Sijora is a buffer safari zone of Kanha national park. It is accessible from Sarhi entrance gate of Kanha national park which lies close to Bichhiya town in Mandla district. As we know that all the tiger reserves are divided into core zone and buffer zone. Sijora is a buffer zone of Kanha tiger reserve which was first into light in year 2017, when all the buffer safari zones were introduced online for safari tickets booking. Till that year, Sijora is almost unknown to rest of the world as it is newly introducted and very few people have travelled this zone due limited hotel option near Sarhi entry gate. These buffer safari zones are adjacent to core zones and plays very important role in wildlife conservation so their importance can not be under rated.


Sijore zone is one of the buffer zone of Kanha tiger reserve, located in north-east of tiger reserve. It is adjacent to Sarhi core zone. Their is not physical boundary in between core zone and buffer zone. For visiting Sijora zone, entrance gate is same i.e. Sarhi entrance gate through which tourists enters to visit Sarhi core zone. As we know that at Kanha national park, we can find varying landscapes but waterfalls are not seen till now. With introduction of Sijora zone, we can see scenic waterfall also during safari drive. Famous Hallon river valley also lies in this zone. Whole Kanha tiger reserve is based on two river valleys i.e. Hallon river and Banjar river. In between them, Banjar river is widely visit to tourists but Hallon river has not been seen by tourists. Sijora zone safari offers us chance to see this river valley. Here Kharati water fall is popular among local people and now tourists can also see it. Here prominently seen mammals are Leopards, Nilgai, Indian Gaur, Wild Dog (Dholes), Barasingha, Spotted Deer, Tiger, Jackal, Hyena etc.
Watch Towers Water Falls Mixed Forest Linga River


For Sijhora safari booking, we can go online and do the permits booking in advance. It is a buffer zone thus less popular among tourists thus most of the time, its safari permits remain available. Those who are not able to do advance booking, may do the permit booking from entrance gate ticket counter, just before safari time. We are also doing Kanha jungle safari booking for Sijora zone. Just fill up given below form and submit to us.

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