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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Safari Zones


Sarhi Zone in Kanha National Park Their are 4 core zones in Kanha national park i.e. Kanha zone, Kisli zone, Mukki zone and Sarhi zone. It is the northern part of Kanha tiger reserve and mostly untouched since long time thus tourists are still in process of gaining information about it. It is said that vegetation in Sarhi zone is dense due to which here tiger sighting is little bit challenging but in summer season, sighting is good. Being least visited by tourists, in compare to other zones, here tigers are more elusive which is many time mis-concluded that tigers are not present here. During safari in Sarhi zone, our guests have enjoyed tiger sighting. Some of the popular tigers of Sarhi zone are Matigahan Male or T-20, Dhamangaon Male and some tigresses. In order to do jungle safari in Sarhi zone, tourists can enter from Kisli gate or Sarhi gate. As Sarhi is a newly developed entrance gate of Kanha national park thus, it is less popular among visitors but now MPSTDC has developed its own hotel and forest department has developed many additional amusement facilities for tourists so from Oct-2018, it is gaining popularity among visitors. The best thing about Sarhi zone is that its accessibility is very good and crowd is less thus easy to get safari tickets. This zone is known for good sighting of Sloth Bear, Nilgai (Blue Bull), Dholes (Wild Dog) and Leopards. Here jungle is very beautiful thus it is a best place for nature photography. As we all know that Kanha tiger reserve comprises two popular river valleys i.e. Banjar river valley and Hallon river valley. Till now, during safari drives, we have seen only Banjar river and its subsidiaries and Hallon river remain disappeared from our sight but now it is possible to explore Hallon river valley by undertaking jungle safari drives in Sarhi Zone. It exposes some new areas among tourists so it is worth to do safari in Sarhi zone. Those who have booked shared safari tickets for Sarhi zone are mandatory to enter from Sarhi gate only as their safari vehicle will be waiting at that entrance gate so tourists are advised to arrange accommodation nearby that entrance gate. It is easily accessible from cities like Jabalpur, Raipur, Bilaspur and Mandla. Those who are coming from Bandhavgarh can also reach this gate easily as it is closer in compare to Kisli & Mukki gates.


Here we have listed some of the popular places to visit in Sarhi zone. Famous hallon river passes through this zone which is special attraction of this zone. This river valley was invisible to tourists till this zone was opened for visitors. Here forest is very beautiful thus we highly recommend our readers to do at least one safari in in this zone.
Jamuntola Umerkhera Camp Ronda Camp
Mahuadabri Kariwaha Camp Ganeri-dadar
Sonf Camp Kariwah Camp Khuluwa


For Sarhi zone safari booking, tourists have option to do online tickets booking, through the website. It is the best way to do preparation for Kanha safari holidays as limited tickets are issued and demand is often more than supply. Apart from this, those who failed to get online tickets, may try their luck by reaching entrance gate counter and try for current tickets in which very few tickets are offered to walk-in customer.

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