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Kanha National Park Safari

Phen Wildlife Sanctuary


Phen wildlife sanctuary Phen is an independent wildlife sanctuary, close to Kanha national park. If you are staying at Sarhi gate hotel or Mukki gate resorts, then you can plan for its visit. Remember that is approx. 45 minutes journey to reach this sanctuary. Phen Wildlife Sanctuary lies in Southern region of Kanha tiger reserve, close to Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh state borders. It is a important stepping stone for wildlife corridor connecting Kanha tiger reserve with Achanakmar. It is open for tourists from many years but due to lack of publicity by Forest Department, it remained unknown to tourism world. Wildlife experts called it satellite micro core of Kanha tiger reserve. It is managed by Kanha Tiger Reserve team, since year 1990. Phen wildlife sanctuary was established in year 1983, With its introduction as Kanha buffer zone, online in ticket booking website, tourists become more aware of this beautiful wildlife sanctuary. This move has put this forest area in limelight and now more tourists are exploring the wilderness of this beautiful buffer zone.

Phen Wildlife Sanctuary

Phen forest area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in year 1983, by Government of Madhya Pradesh. It is surrounded and connected to Kanha Tiger Reserve through Motinala buffer range. This forest is an important connective linkage for Kanha - Achanakmar wildlife corridor, through Mawai range in North as well in south and Rajanandgaon of Chattisgarh part. This sanctuary is currently having only one administrative range which was further divided into three circles & 12 beats. Their are 08 patrolling camps & 4 barriers within Phen to manage the sanctuary. Here fire line is also present to control any type of accidental fire incidence. It is surrounded by 18 villages, within radius of 5 kms from boundary.


Phen zone in close from Mukki entrance gate so best suitable for those tourists who are staying in hotels and lodges, close to Mukki entrance gate. Although, tourists staying in Khatia gate are also sometimes visits this wildlife sanctuary. Phen forest was first established as wildlife sanctuary in year 1983 and considered as a beautiful forest with varying landscapes. Here primary safari attractions are Tigers, Leopard, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Sambar etc. Here prominent floral attractions are Teak, Sal, Bamboo, Aonla, Saja, Jamun, Bel etc. This forest is well connected to Mukki core zone and their is no physical boundary in between core zone and buffer zone thus no restriction for mammals movements. Here we can have sighting of all those mammals which are prominently visible in Mukki safari zone. For visiting Phen safari zone, we recommend to choose those hotels which are close to Mukki entrance gate of Kanha national park.

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Jungle safari booking for Phen sanctuary can be done through online safari ticket booking system. It is very simple and convenient process. Just fill-up online ticket booking form and submit the form with due payment. Within no time, you will get the safari ticket. As it lies in buffer zone category so tourists can undertake safari drives, throughout the year, which means even in monsoon season in which core zones remain closed for visitors. Phen forest is very beautiful jungle so we highly recommend our readers to visit this safari zone.

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