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Kanha National Park Safari

Mukki Zone in Kanha


Mukki Zone Safari Kanha national park have 4 core zones i.e. Kanha zone, Sarhi Zone, Kisli zone and Mukki zone. After Kanha zone, Mukki was the second core zone that was opened for tourists and thus it is one of the oldest jungle safari zone of Kanha national park. Being, old, it is very much popular among wildlife lovers. It is southern part of Kanha forest and close for tourists, comming from South India. Southern part of Kanha forest area is close to Madhya Pradesh-Chattisgarh state border thus Mukki zone is very close for Chattisgarh wildlife lovers and thus they mostly visit Kanha tiger reserve, through this entrance gate. Raipur city is just 230kms from Mukki gate, via Malajkhand-Gandai route. This forest area is popular for tiger sighting and its tiger sighting record is also good.


Kanha Zone Kisli Zone Sarhi Zone Mukki Zone
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We can do online safari booking for Mukki zone visit. This zone is popular for tiger sighting thus its advance booking is highly recommended.

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