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Kanha National Park Safari

Nature Trail in Kanha


Kanha Canopy Walk Nature trail is a walking safari in Kanha national park. It is usually conducted close to entrace gate in pre-decided path. Nature trail is basically a walking safari option, offered to tourists, in company of a trained guide. Their is no advance booking option thus it can be booked through entrance gate ticket counter, by paying due fee with original ID details. As it is not much popular among visitors thus we can easily get the chance for this safari. It remains open for tourists, throughout the year. If their is any tiger movement in nature trail forest, then only it remains closed for some days, for safety reason. It is open for visitors, from sunrise to sunset thus we can remain assured to get this safari ticket and see the jungle in slow pace to absorb more.


Nature train in Kanha national park is possible from all three entrance gates i.e. from Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarhi gate. It is a walking safari in which we can observe the forest, vegetation, birds, butterflies and some mammals, from close distance. At Sarhi nature trail and Mukki nature trail, provision of Canopy Walk is the special attraction for tourists. It is elevated skywalk structure, erected in forest area which allows guests to have a view of forest from considerable height. It is favorite place to visit for tourists. Bird watching is far better from this platform thus many tourists undertakes this canopy walk for birding purpose.
Kisli Gate Sarhi Gate Mukki Gate
Kisli nature trail Sarhi nature walk Mukki nature trail

Nature trail safari is available to tourists, throughout the year. It is open from sunrise to sunset thus large number of tourists can undertake this safari. Their is no online booking option for this safari thus it can be booked on the spot basis, from ticket counter, located near entrance gates.

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