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Kanha National Park Safari

Kisli Safari Zones


Kisli zone safari Kisli zone in Kanha tiger reserve is a core zone and popular among visitors. Its safari permits quota is less in compare to Kanha zone or Mukki zone but still it has retained its importance. Till year 2014, Kisli zone was part of Kanha zone which means till 2014, their was no zone of name Kisli. In those days, concept of Premium zones and non-premium zones was introduced in Kanha national park in which cost of premium zones safari tickets was higher than of non-premium zones. Thus Kanha & Mukki zone safari tickets are very costly and thus majority of visitors were not able to undertake safaris in those zones. Thus considering the problem of domestic tourists, a new core safari zone was carved out from Kanha safari zone and name was given as Kisli Zone and was put in non-premium category. This was major relief for tourists to enjoy safari in good non-premium safari zone. Later this concept was abolished and all core zones were treated equally. Kisli was actually the name of village, located inside the tiger reserve area and later relocated thus it is a popular name in local Kanha.

Kisli zone lies in Western part of Kanha national park. It is in south-west of Sarhi zone, west of Kanha zone and north-west of Mukki zone. As we know that their are 3 main safari entrance gates for Kanha national park i.e. Khatia gate, Mukki gate and newly introduced Sarhi gate. These 3 gates are popularly used by safari vehicles for jungle safari drives. The jungle that we see, after entering from Khatia gate and later Kisli gate are of Kisli zone. If we have booked safari ticket of Mukki zone and entering from Khatia gate, then we will first cross Kisli zone jungle and then can reach Mukki zone.
Kope Dabri Sanduk Khol Kisli Mochi Dadar
Langha Dadar Bandri Chapar Futa Taal Suna-ghat
Amahi Salghat Magar Nala Bandela Bahera

Online safari booking option is available for permit booking in Kisli zone. As its safari quota is less in compare to Kanha zone, Sarhi zone and Mukki zone thus it often gets soldout. It is highly recommended to do safari booking in advance, 90 to 120 days before undertaking safaris. In order to do safari permit booking, we need ID (Passport, Adhaar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Voter ID) details of all the visitors, above 05 years. For Foreigner tourist, only passport details are accepted. Without ID details, safari booking is not possible. After confirming the tour, immediately make advance payment and share ID details so that we can book safari tickets on priority. Once safari tickets are booked on confirm basis, then our entry for safari will be assured and later we will easily arrange safari vehicle & guide, from entrance gate.

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