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Kanha National Park Safari

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Kanha Safari Booking Khatia is a buffer safari zone of Kanha national park. It is suitable for those tourists, who are staying at resorts close to Khatia entrance gate. Its entrance gate is same Kahtia entrance gate. Since year 2017, it was made online for tourists so that they can do Kahtia zone safari tickets booking in advance, for desired dates. Presence of Khatia safari zone is a great relief for tourists who earlier had no option but to change travel dates or travel destination. Presence of buffer zone safari allows more safari options to all the wildlife lovers who wish to visit Kanha national park. With the passage of time, Khatia safari zone is gaining popularity.


Khatia safari zone lies in western region of Kanha tiger reserve. It is best suitable for those tourists who have booked their resorts close to Khatia entrance gate. Tourists for Khatia zone safari will use same Khatia gate for entrance to undertake jungle safari in this zone. Here prominent mammal attractions are Tigers, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Indian Gaur, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar etc. It is available to tourists from year 2016 but made online in year 2017. Thus may be not popular among tourism world but with the passage of time, it will gain popularity. Here we would like to clarify our readers that their is no physical boundary in between core zone and buffer zone thus it would be inappropriate to conclude that here animals sighting will be poor. With the passage of time, buffer zones will gain more popularity with increased safari drives by tourists. As if now, here sharing safari option is not available, only full-safari is available which means, you will have to book exclusive safari drives for visiting Khatia zone safari.
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Online safari booking is possible for all safari zones of Kanha national park.

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