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Kanha National Park Safari

Khapa Zone


Kanha Safari Booking Khapa is a buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. It is new for tourism world and available for safari drives since year 2017. Khapa zone is easily accessible from resorts located near Mukki entrance gate of Kanha national park. If anybody wishes to do Khapa zone safari, we recommend them to choose hotels or lodges close to Mukki entrance gate. It is a nice forest where we can enjoy less tourist crowd. It is believed to be good for birding, due to presence of some water bodies and marshy lands. Prominent tigers of Khapa zone are T-72, MA-1. During safari in this zone, our guests have seen tigress with 3 cubs from Balaghat male.


Khapa safari zone lies in south-west of Kanha tiger reserve. It is close from Mukki entrance gate thus tourists staying at resorts close to Mukki gate side can easily visit this buffer zone. It is gaining popularity among tourists. Here prominent tourist attractions are mammals like Leopards, Jackal, Sambar, Tigers, Indian Gaur, Spotted Deer, Sloth Bear etc. Khapa is a buffer zone and adjacent to Mukki core zone. Their is no physical boundary in between core zones and buffer zones so that mammals can easily move in between them thus their sighting chances are also equal in both category of zones. As if now, it is not well explored by tourists and guides thus its updates are very less but with the passage of time, when safari guides have ample of knowledge of these buffer safari zones, more positive updates will come and tourists will undertake safari rides with confidence.
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For Khapa safari booking, we can use the option of online safari booking which will allow us to do the safari permits bookin in advance. It cab be booked in last 120 days. This zone is good for birding and tiger sighting is also possible in this zone. If you would like to do the safari booking on reaching Kanha, then also it is possible from ticket counter near Mukki entrance gate.

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