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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Zone


Kanha Zone While doing Kanha national park safari booking, we will come across various safari zone names in which one will be of "Kanha zone". Its online safari permits booking usually starts in July or August or September month, as per decision of Forest Department. Kanha zone is open from tourists, from 15th Oct to 30 June. Opening may get delayed, if monsoon continues till this date. It is one of the core zone of Kanha national park and considered as oldest safari zone. The time when Kanha national park was not much popular among wildlife lovers, it was the only zone in which tourists used to do jeep safari. This zone is primarily visited through Khatia entrance gate. From this gate, safari vehicles can enter into this zone in both morning & evening safari rounds. Where as if we are staying in resort near Mukki entrance gate or Sarhi entrance gate, than we can visit this zone during morning safari round only. For evening Kanha zone safari, tourists will not be permitted through these gates. In this safari zone, we can find all kind of landscapes like valleys, plains, meadow areas, some hilly terrains, water bodies etc. Jungle of this zone is beautiful so it is considered as an ideal forest for nature photography. Here majority of forest is of Sal trees which is considered as evergreen tree as falling of leaves and production of new leaves, goes on simultaneously thus even in peak summer time, when other national parks seems dull, dry and abandoned, Kanha forest retains its charm and gives soothing feel. This zone is open for jungle safari drives from October to June months. During monsoon period i.e. from July to September, it remains closed for tourists.

Safari Zone

While doing jungle safari in any zone, we will pass through some of the popular areas. Here we have tried to enlist some of the popular places to visit in Kanha zone. We will often hear names of these areas from safari guide. They are the important landmarks of a safari zone.
Kanha Zones Areas
Kanha Museum Kanha Meadows Shravan Chita Bison Road
Dashrath Machaan Nakti Ghati Shravan Taal Umerpani
Bishanpura Macha Dadar Kanhari Camp Bija Dadar

Mammal Attractions

Kanha safari zone of Kanha national park is good for all popular attractions of this tiger reserve. Here we may have sighting of prominent mammal attractions like Tiger, Leopard, Indian Gaur, Wild Dog (Dholes), Spotted Deer, Barasingha (Hard-ground Swamp Deer), Black Buck, Golden Jackal etc. In this zone, we can find all type of topographies like large meadows, valleys, hilly-terrains, nullah etc. thus probability of different species sighting is good and thus it is most popular safari zone among tourists. Majority of popular meadows are on this zone thus chances of hard-ground Barasingha, Black buck, Four-horned antelopes sighting is high in Kanha zone. In above given listing, you will read a common word called "Dadar". It is a local word means meadow.

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