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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Safari Zones


Kanha Safari Zones Kanha national park in Madhya Pradesh, Central India is counted among most popular tiger reserves of India. Whenever we talk about tiger tourism in India, Central India national parks like Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park, Pench national park, Tadoba tiger reserves are came into our mind and discussion. Thousands of tourists from India and other countries of world, visits Kanha national park in tourism season (October - June). This count is continously increasing and now posing challange for park management authority to manage the tourist crowd and meet their expectation. To ensure better park management, tourism management, ensure even distribution of visitors in park, zone-system was introduced. Till year 2010, we have seen two entrance gates i.e. Kanha Khatia gate and Mukki gate and accordingly their are two zones i.e. Kanha zone and Mukki zone. But due to constant increase in tourism pressure, problem begins for park authority like gathering of vehicles at some popular areas causing chaos, concentration of safari vehicles in some areas causing disturbance to wildlife, voilation of rules etc. To avoid any such untoward incidences and for sake of better tourism management, some new park areas are opened for visitors and total areas was divided into zones.


At present their are four safari zones in which tourists can undertake their safari drives. At at particular safari drive, tourists can visit only one zone and to visit atleast once to all 4 zones, he/she has to undertake minimum 4 safari drives. Earlier Kanha & Mukki are the offered zones. Later Sarhi zone was opened for visitors and count is increased to 3 safari zones in Kanha. Among these 3 safari zones, Kanha zone, which is most popular among tourists, was declared as premium safari zone whose safari ticket cost is more than other two non-premium safari zones. Later one more new safari zone was introduced with the name of "Kisli Safari Zone". It is mainly derived from the areas of Kanha safari zone.
Kanha Zone Kisli Zone Sarhi Zone Mukki Zone
Kanha Meadows Digdola Jamuntola Bishanpura
Kanha Museum Sonf Meadows Ronda Camp Bamni Dadar
Shravan Chita Kope Dabri Mahuadabri Duke's Road
Shravan Tal Magarnala Urnakhera Camp Ghorella
Dashrath Machaan Mochidadar Silpura Meadows Sondar Meadows
Bison Road Chimta Camp -- Babathenga Tank
Nakti Ghati Amahi -- Lapsi Kabar
Umerpani Soonaghat -- Umar Jhola


For Kanha jungle safari drives you need to book separately entrance ticket, safari vehicle and safari guide. Here entrance tickets can be booked in advance but safari vehicle and guides are booking on reaching Kanha national park. Guides are allotted from entrance gate by paying the required fee. In order to avoid separate booking of Entrance Ticket, Guide, Vehicle one may book jungles safaris through booking agents or through resort. Usually Safari Booking through Resorts is costlier than actual as on charge of exclusive safari, they offer shared safaris in which sometimes tourists are not convenient.

We offer exclusive park safari booking to our guests. in which we ensure safari tickets, safari vehicles and guides are booked from our side. Here it is important to know that guides are allotted from forest department at entrance gate. These guides are mostly from local villages who are registered with part management and have knowledge of part roads and rules. They are mostly not fluent in english language still they try to express their knowledge in english to satisfy guest queries. If you want guide service who is having fluency in english language, you may stay in luxury resorts from where you can expect such services.

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