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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Buffer Safari Zones


Kanha Buffer Zones Just like other tiger reserves, Kanha national park is also divided into core and buffer category. All safari zones under buffer category are called buffer safari zones of Kanha national park. In below given table, we have listed the names of all those buffer safari zones. As the name suggests, core zone area is central forest area where human disturbance is least, no commercial activity is ensured thus wild animals are more secure which means better animals sighting opportunity. Core zone shares its border with buffer zone only and not with rest of the world. The mixed land area, surrounding to core zone is called buffer zone where shares its inner border with core zone and outer border with rest of the world. Thus buffer zone plays very important role in wildlife conservation and their security. It gives cushioning effect to core zone thus their support can't be underestimated. It is mixed land in which villages and resorts are also located.

Here in Kanha national park, four safari zones are declared. Kanha buffer zones are accessible from different entrance gates. At present three safari entrance gates are existing i.e. Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarhi gate.
Safari Zone Entrance Gate for Safari Zone
Khatia Zone From Khatia Entrance Gate
Khapa Zone From Mukki Entrance Gate
Phen Zone Separate gate, ideal for Mukki gate resorts
Sijora Zone From Sarhi Entrance Gate


Their is definite reason for low popularity of buffer safari zones. As per its definition, it is a mixed land in which villages and hotels are also included. It means buffer forest is prone to human disturbance. Wild animals have tendency to avoid human presence thus they try to remain more in undisturbed core zone forest. Those buffer forest areas, in which human disturbance is less are good for jungle safaris. When core zone safari tickets get sold out, tourists have no option but to undertake jungle safar in buffer zones of Kanha national park.


As mentioned in above table, each buffer safari zone is located at separate location, quiet far from each other. They have their own entry gates and from one entry gate, we cannot enter for jungle safari in other buffer zone. It is major restriction which is not seen in case of core zone thus be careful while booking your safari ticket for any buffer safari zone. As per location of your hotel, choose your buffer safari zone, using above table information. If by mistake you have booked for some distant buffer zone safari then you have to drive to its entry gate and then undertake safari drive which could be very time consuming task for as gates are far (approx 40-80 kms) from each other.

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