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Kanha National Park Safari

Kanha Full Vehicle Permit


Kanha Full Vehicle Safari Booking Read about Kanha full vehicle safari pattern. As we all know that Kanha national park is one of the most preferred tiger reserve among tourists and wildlife photographers. As it is more popular among visitors, so large number of tourists plans to visit this national park and thus over demand for safari tickets is very much obvious. Madhya Pradesh Forest Department recently introduced Single seat safari booking system in which they are allowing per seat base ticket booking. Earlier tourists are mandatory to book full safari vehicle, even if they are 1 or 2 or 3 person, which proves costly for many visitors. Now with introduction of this new safari booking pattern, department termed them "Full Vehicle" & "Single Seat" safaris so that visitors can easily distinguish them and proceed for safari ticket booking.


Full vehicle permit means booking of safari vehicle on non-sharing basis. Before introduction of Single seat permit booking facility, only full-vehicle system was prevailing. In those days it is not specifically mentioned that it is full-vehicle as it is the only mode and understood to everyone. Full-vehicle permit allows doing jungle safari on non-sharing basis which means tourists will be accompanied by two additional person i.e. jeep driver, safari guide. They will be available, on mandatory basis, in both type of safari permit booking systems. Non-sharing safaris are mostly booked by families, couples, luxury visitors and wildlife photographers. It is also noticed that when total number of visitors are 4-5-6, they prefers to go for full-vehicle safaris as cost difference is very thin and exclusive safaris are more convenient for visitors.


Although Full-vehicle safari is most costly but still majority of safari tickets are booked in this pattern. Their are many reasons behind this. Let try to check those benefits:

  • Privacy: It allows more privacy. Many tourists visit national parks for leisure and holiday purpose. They prefers to enjoy their time with freedom, without any disturbance from unknown visitors. They could be young couple, family visitors, group of friends, female visitors etc. For such tourists, it is better option over sharing safari.
  • Ascertained Fee: In full-vehicle safari, we know the total payable amount for each safari, since beginning and thus accordingly plan our budget. In case of sharing safari, we can only book safari ticket in advance but share of gypsy+guide is known at the time of entry. This is because, out of maximum 06 tourists, how many will actually undertake the safari is known, at the time of entry. Forest department has fixed the total of gypsy+guide, to be collected from each sharing safari vehicle. This total is divided in between actual number of visitors, in that vehicle and collected. If more person will come, per person cost will reduce but if you are single visitor and other seats are vacant then that single person have to pay full fee total of gypsy+guide charge. As its cancellation charge is very less so many time visitors do not come, despite of booking and thus this fee can't be predicted in advance and decided at the time of entry.
  • Hotel Pick-up & drop: In full-vehicle safari system, safari jeep will do the tourist pick-up from his/her resort/lodge and after completion of safari, will drop them back to their resort/lodge. In case of single-seat safari, guest is required to reach the entrance gate by his/her own to catch its seat/s and similarly at the end of safari, they will be dropped to entrance gate and further transfer from entrance gate to hotel will be managed by guest. This could be problematic for those tourists whose hotel/resort is too far from entrance gate.
  • Sitting Position Change: In case of Full-vehicle safari, when whose safari vehicle is for us, we can change our seats, as per our own convenience which is not in single-seat system.
  • Timely Entry: In full-vehicle safari, visitors are ascertained in advance thus these vehicles enter into park as per their schedule which is not possible in single-seat safari. Although their is rule of reporting 30 minutes before park entry time but in reality it is not followed. Many time sharing partner gets delayed or do not confirm their cancellation due to which other tourists have to wait for them which often causes delay in park entry and creates issues in between co-visitors.
  • Photography: Majority of wildlife photographers prefers full-vehicle safari so that they are instruct the driver to driver and stop as per their photography convenience. It is very important for wildlife photographers to have enough space in vehicle to place his/her camera kit, stops vehicle at points of his/her choice, control the pace of vehicle movement when he/she is doing any videography etc.
  • Multi-gate Entry: In some national parks like Kanha, Pench, Panna, full-vehicle permit holders are allowed to enter into park from other zone entrance gates also which saves valuable time. This can't be done in single-seat permits.


In compare to benefits associated with full-vehicle permits, its drawbacks are very limited.

  • Costly: It is costly safari for those visitors who are less in number like 1-2-3. Such visitors should go for single-seat permit.
  • Heavy Cancellation Fee: If your plan is uncertain then it could be risky to take full-vehicle safari as its cancellation charges are heavy and may cause heavy loss, especially when it is booked through any travel agent or resort as they takes collective fee i.e. ticket fee+vehicle fee+guide fee.
  • Cancellation Loss: Many time due to rainfall, park management cancels the safaris and in such condition, no refund is provided to tourists which will be very unfortunate situation for visitors.
  • Add-on Facility: If you have already booked full-vehicle permit and want to add some new friend or member then add-on facility is available but at high cost for single chance only, with some more conditions. Add-on is a irreversible process. Tourists are not allowed multiple add-on or amendment in names. So it is not easy to do amendments as conditions are tough.
  • Permit Black-marketing: Forest department avail this options with good intentions but many local safari operators, travel agents, hoteliers take undue advantage of this facility by pre-booking safari tickets with malicious intention i.e. black-marketing of tickets. An artificial scarcity is created which causes problem to genuine tourists who wish to visit national park but due to tickets unavailability, remain deprived off. Touts book safari tickets with some names and late do add-on at very high rate to do profit booking. Hoteliers do this to ensure their room booking by offering sharing safari, through their pre-booked tickets. Because online tickets are sold-out, tourists have no option but to go with them. Similarly travel agents, especially who are operating pre-declared group tours, they adopt this malicious practice to sell their tours. Till add-on system is offered, this malpractice will continue.

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