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Kanha National Park Safari

Elephant Safari in Kanha


Kanha elephant safariTheir are 04 core-zone Safari Zones in Kanha National Park. They are Kanha, Kisli, Mukki & Sarhi. As it is tiger reserve under Project tiger, park area is divided into core zone and buffer zone areas. Core zone is inner areas of tiger reserve which is free from any commercial activity, presence of hotels and villages. We can find them in buffer zone area which is often called mixed land. Since year 2012, elephant safari is not as easy as it was before this date. Since year 2012, famous "Tiger Show" program was closed for visitors due to which opportunity for elephant ride and probability of tiger sighting also decreased. It means normal tourist should not expect elephant ride in Kanha national park. Elephants are only used in day-duty of forest department and freed in night to roam anywhere in jungle. Using elephants for tourism is seen as cruelty against animal thus this practice is discouraged by department. We too believe that elephants should not be used for tourism.

Elephant Safari Provision

Now a days, on record, forest department has announced two way for elephant ride i.e. Joy ride and Elephant safari. These options are mentioned in rules list. Mentioning in record doesn't means any guarantee to get In joy ride, duration is just 30 minutes and elephant safari (03:00hrs) is provided to those who have booked full-day jungle safari. In both cases, elephant ride can not be booked in advance. Only 24hrs before we will know whether we will get the safari or not. In majority of case, elephants are not provided for tourism purpose so better not to expect such safari. Formal way to apply is that a written application is required to be submitted to park Field Director office for approval. Field director of will go through such applications and according to elephants availability and application matter, he/she may approve or decline the request. Field director of park have the discretionary power to take decision as per his understanding. For film making, elephants play vital role thus they may get this service for limited period. Its cost is very high due to which only financially sound visitors can expect this safari.

Reason for Reluctance

Friends, its a obvious question raised in our mind that when tourist is agree to pay then why park authority is reluctant to provide elephant rides. Actually natural elephants are not found in forests of Central India. They are mostly purchased from South-Indian states like Karnataka, Kerala etc. These elephants are purchased and bought to Central India national parks. Here they are first trained for human ride and duties. Once they trained, they were deployed for patrolling duty and also used in many rescue missions like if tiger entered into human society or ventured outside the part area or even during providing of medical aid to wild animals. As per rule, patrolling is their primary duty and tourism is not in their duty. Role of elephants in conservation and research works are important. Forest department have both male and female elephants and thus after successful breeding, their are chances of increase in their count. Successful breeding of South Indian elephants, away from their natural conditions, if often proves difficult and thus birth rate of new calves is less. After sunset, these adult elephants were left free in jungle to roam throughout the night. Tigers do not charge on them. In morning they were taken back to camp. Calves or injured or old aged or physically incompetent elephants remains in camp. These elephant have proper retirement age. After retirement till death, department takes full care of them. Being a nature tourism company, we discourage elephant rides for tourism. Now a days, wild elephants are also coming in Bandhavgarh and spending many months in this forest.

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