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Kanha National Park Facts


Kanha Tiger Reserve is situated in Mandla & Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh state in Central India. It is just 60kms from Mandla town and well connected by road option. Forest area of tiger reserve is spread over Satpura - Maikal hills of Central India which is close to Geographical central point of India.
Kanha Tiger Reserve Facts
Forest Area 34.88 ( 154506.40 Square kilometer ) percent of the state's geographical area of 4,43,000 Square Kilometer.
Forest Type Dry Thorn to tropical moist deciduous
Team Forest 27783.44 Square kilometer
Miscellaneous Forest 100939.03 Square kilometer
Reserve Forest 82700.126 Square Kilometer
Protected Forest 82700.126 Square Kilometer
Unclassed Forest 5112.481 Square Kilometer

Soil in Kanha Tiger Reserve

Here in Kanha tiger reserve area, we can find variety of soil types. Their are various areas where we can find Black cotton soil like Supkhar range, some pockets of Mukki zone and some areas of Kanha zone. It is very good for cotton production and considered as good fertile soil having capacity to retain rain water. Similarly we can find Alluvium soil on bank of all major streams flowing through Supkhar, Garhi, Mukki and Kanha ranges. In past, villagers preferred to settle around such sites. Similarly we can find Shara and Barra soil types also in some patches of Kanha tiger reserve area.

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