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Ajgar Dadar


Ajgar Dadar in Kanha national park Ajgar Dadar is one of the place that we can visit while staying near Khatia gate or Sarhi gate. When you don't have safari to do then it is one of the place, outside the national park forest, where we can go to explore the colony of Indian rock pythons. It is a open barren land with black rock which indicates that these are basalt rock type. Here we can find many holes through rocky outcrop which indicates that it has many rocky chambers to accommodate many rock pythons, forming a colony. Its name "Ajgar Dadar" is a hindi work which simply means a meadow plan for pythons. Tourists, visiting Kanha national park may visit this site as excursion tour. Due to long distance, they should must use some vehicle to travel this site. It is open throughout the year from sunrise to sunset with no entry fee. It is a protected eco-tourism site thus all forest rules are applicable here which are laid for any eco-tourism site of Madhya Pradesh state.


Ajgar dadar is located close to Kanha national park. Easily accessible for tourists staying at resorts of Khatia gate side or Sarhi gate side. While traveling from Jamuniya to Pondi or from Kakaiya to Pondi, we will pass through a forested land in which we will find this site. It is approx. 28 kms north-west from Khatia entry gate and 39 kms west from Sarhi entry gate. Tourists staying near by Mukki entry gate may find it distant at travel distance will be approx. 80 kms in north-west direction. Tourists staying at Mandla town may also visit this site easily. Similarly if you are traveling from Mandla to Raipur city, then also you may deroute a little bit to explore this site.

Best time to visit

As per local people and care takers, best time to visit Ajgar dadar site for Indian rock python sighting is winter season from December to mid of February month. Visitors should try to visit this site in bright sunny day at morning hours to enhance the probability of python sighting.

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