Budbudi Female (T83) of Kanha National Park

Although Budbudi female is no more in this world but it is important to share some vital information about this tigress which is often called grand matriarch of Kisli. She died in January 2018 in an conflict with Sangam Male (T-56) who not only killed her but also consumed some of her body part.

She was born in year 2006, in Kisli zone of Kanha national park. Their is a nullah in Kisli zone which traverse through Kisli zone forest area thus her name was derived from that famous Budbudi nallah. She was born to old Kisli female and her father is considered to be Kisli male i.e. Samson (brother of Konda).

She delivered her first litter, through Kankata male, in mid of year 2011. Famous tiger of Bheema (T-28) was the son of same Budbudi female tigress who died in year 2016, in an territorial conflict. Current dominant tiger Bajrang (T-64) is also son of same Budbudi tigress. At present, Bajrang is ruling effectively in Kanha forest area. She delivered her second litter through mating with same Kankata male, in year 2013. In this round, she gave birth to 2 male and 2 female cubs. One cub was not able to survive long and killed by transient male (from Supkhar) but 2 female cubs (T-59, T-66) and 1 male (T-1) reached their adulthood.  Although Supkhar is far away from Kisli zone but still Supkhar male reached Kisli zone, by crossing Mukki zone where 4 male tigers are already maintaining their territories.

In later years of her time, Budbudi female was seen with Dhamangaon male and guides were expecting to see her 3rd litter but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. Their are very few tigress who delivers 4 cubs thus it is believed to be great loss for Kanha national park.

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