Munna Tiger of Kanha National Park


Munna was one time dominant tiger of Kanha national park who ruled over Kanha & Kisli zones. He was born in year 2002 and his mother was old Indro female. His father is believed to be Limping male of Kanha. He is renowned  because of the its stripes pattern on the forehead that seems like as if nature has written word ‘CAT’   & “PM”on  its forehead. This stripe pattern is considered as the mark that easily distinguishes him from other male tiger of Kanha national park. As per forest department records he has also been referred as T-17 cat. In his young age, he was dominant male tiger of Kanha forest and spend his majority of life in core zone of Kanha which is accessible to tourists thus it was one of the most photographed tiger of Kanha national park.  With the passage of time, he attained his old age and thus as per rule of nature, he lost his territory to other new dominant male tiger and spending his life in exile i.e. Buffer zone of forest. Thus now a days, his sighting is more in Khatia zone of Kanha national park. In this monsoon, he was very often seen in buffer zones, close from resorts. Villagers using routes of buffer zones have reported his frequent sighting, somethime with his prey, crossing jungle trails etc.

Human Friendly

Munna tiger is counted among most human friendly tiger of Kanha national park and never taken as the danger for human society living in surrounding villages. He was mostly visible since year 2006 when he attained his adulthood and began challenging other dominant males of Kanha like Konda and Banda. With the passage of time, he extended his territory which covers tourism areas of Kanha zone and thus his sighting also increased. I remember that it was year May month of year 2015, when a photographer  booked around 21 jungle safaris an managed to see tiger in just one safari and that was undoubtedly Munna tiger. He is very much habitual of human presence and never gets distracted due to presence of safari vehicles or human beings or clicking of cameras, around it. Even now a days, when due to old age, he has lost his territory and living in exile, in buffer zone of Kanha, where trespassing of human being is more frequent, no such incident of man-animal conflict noticed. So far human beings respect his privacy and normal life, he is a friendly tiger. Even local villagers are also giving due respect to his presence and maintain safe distance from the areas, where he is active.


Munna’s Contribution

During this adulthood, Munna have sired litters with around 4-5 different tigresses. His offsprings includes Chota Munna (T-29), Neelam (T-65), Umarpani Male (T-30) etc. Now a day they are entertaining the visitors. During his adulthood, Munna had conflicts with 6 to 7 different tigers in order to create, maintain and extend his territory. Unlike other old tigers, Munna is still registering his presence. In this monsoon, we are getting updates about movement of Munna in buffer zones, nearby Mocha village etc. He is reaching 16th year of his age which is considered as the last phase of tiger’s life and he is still seems healthy. We hope, he will be go long and keep on registering his presence. He is a truly legendary tiger of Kanha national park.


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