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Best time to visit Kanha


best time to visit kanhaThe park is open daily from 01st of October to 30th June. Due to monsoon season, all popular core zones remain closed from July to September month thus tourists do not visit national parks in this period. But here you have to note the fact that if rainfall continues even till end of September, park management may delay the opening of park by 10-15 days, as per climatic condition. It happened in year 2019, when park opening was delayed due to ongoing rainfall and delay in road/bridge maintenence work. Here in Kanha National Park, we can enjoy two rounds of jungle safaris i.e. Morning safari & Afternoon/Evening Safari. On every Wednesday, Afternoon or Evening safari, of core zone, remain closed for visitors. In Wed. afternoon, you have option to do Buffer zone safari, as it remains open 365 days. So first of all you need to know these basic information for tour planing. Here we have shared information of safari timing in Kanha National Park. This will be helpful in planning your day activity & time management.

Kanha Safari Timing

Here in Kanha national park, jungle safari timings are decided by local park management team. It is decided as per timing of sunrise & sunset. It means, with the change in timing of sunrise and sunset, safari timing will also change. Final decision is of park management. When some census is going on, inside the park, then parks opens with approx 1hrs. delay. 1. 15 November to 15 February - 6:00 to 11:00 Hrs and 15:30 Hrs to Sunset
2. 16 February to 30 April - 05:45 to 10:45 noon and 15.30 to 18:30 Hrs
3. 1 May to 30 June - 05:30 to 10.30 am and 16:00 pm to 19:00 Hrs

Best time for Jungle Photography (Oct to Jan)

If you are forest lover and like to see lush green jungle with nice climatic condition, then our suggest is to visit Kanha national park from mid October to January month. Large number of tourists visit this forest in this period to photography lush green forest, safari trails & do birding. In this time, deers & antelope skin color glows which means they are more eye-catchy and pictures will be more beautiful in compare to photographs taken in summers. During summers season, their skin color becomes dull thus they also not appears so good in summer photography. Due to festival season, school holidays, large number of domestic tourists prefers to visit wildlife destinations like Kanha tiger reserve thus advance safari booking is highly recommended.

Best time for Briding & Holidays

Bird Watching in Kanha Period of December to February is very good for family holidays. Although December is peak winter period but still large number of migratory birds use to visit India and thus we can enjoy good birding & photography. Here December last week (24Dec to 02Jan) is a peak season time with lot of rush so try to avoid this time as safari tickets often get sold out & resorts increases their tariff by 20% to 30% and over crowding of leisure tourists causes problems. It is also the time of fog in North India, causing delay in flights & trains. Still it offers chance of some best jungle photography in early morning hours with combination of golden sun rays, fog & forest combination. In this time, temperature ranges from 05 to 20 Deg.Cel. Morning will be of chilling experience. It is comparatively easy to get desired number of safari tickets in desired safari zones, during months of January & February.

Best time for Tiger Photography

Best time for tiger photography with average probability is from Feb-March when vegetation is still green and temperature is moderate due to which we have more time in hand for photography. During this period, we can get those photographs in which tiger/s can be seen in various moods in different poses with more glowing coat and backdrop of green forest. Summer photography offers some routine poses like sitting in waterhole, with half of body underwater, for hours in same pose. Their movements, coat glow also remains dull in summers.

High Tiger sighting probability

Tiger sighting probability remains high in summers i.e. from April to June month. In this period temperature rises to 40 deg. cel. in day time and heat waves can be experienced thus safari drives are challenging. In this period, vegetation also dried up so our visibility, inside the forest increases. As Sal trees are in majority thus forest still remain semi-green condition. Although high temperature & heat waves offers challenges in jungle safari drives but still all photographers prefers to visit Tiger Reserves in this period. During this period, we can expect some award winning photographs of tigers, in their natural habitat. Due to high probability of tiger sighting and school holidays in India, hotels & safari tickets mostly gets soldout in advance of 3-4 months. So plan for this periond, at least 5-6 months in advance. Heat waves will be a challenge in safaris but it is also a boom for tiger photography. Wild animals often easily seen around various waterholes and due to dryness in jungle, our visibility will also be high due to lack of bushes. In this time, most of the tiger sighting happens in early morning hours till 8:30 AM and in late evening hours like after 17:00 hrs. Even safari guides also keep on searching places around waterholes, marshy grasslands, shady locations as tiger prefers to spend time on waterholes with body soaked under water. Core zones like Kanha, Kisli, Mukki are all good for safari drives.

Safari Tickets Availability

Many time visitors were had to change their tour plan, due to unavailability of safari permits or tickets. Nows a days, it is big challenge to get safari permits of desired zone in desired dates. It is also an important tour deciding factor. Golden rule is that one should confirm their travel dates, 4-5 months in advance as ticket booking opens in 120 days in advance thus those who take early decision, have high probability to get safari tickets in their desired zones. Here in Kanha national park, core zones safari usually opens from 01st of October but in rainy season extends, date may be shifted to 15th Oct. From 01st Oct, safari zones, open for visitors are Kisli & Mukki zones. Other 2 core zones like Sarhi zone and Kanha Zone opens from 15th Oct. Due to this condition, sometime, tourists chooses travel dates from 15th Oct. and less tourist arrives on begining of Oct. month. As per Durga Puja, Dussehra & Diwali dates, tickets gets sold out. If Dussehra & Diwali are on Oct. month then we will have tickets problem in October else November will be peak time. Period from 25th November to 20th December is good to expect safari permits of desired zones. Their is sure tickets problem from 20Dec to 05 Jan. From Jan to Feb is good time to get tickets easily. Mar-Apr-May is again peak season as photographers & domestic tourists, perfers this time. June will be then month to get safari tickets easily.

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